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Welcome to Taste of Provence

WIDGET 1Philippe’s range is based on his own preference for the Mediterranean styled foods, reminiscent of his younger years spent holidaying in the South of France, where the types of products he now creates are evocative of those times and places.

The ideology behind those original products and the methods of preserving are age old and are something, which the range holds fast to, fresh and natural. No preservatives are used other then traditional methods.



Natural Produce

IMG_3730Philippe believes that the way “grandmother” did things is the key to fresh, tasty nutritious products which are quick and easy to enjoy at anytime with good company and a glass of wine (of course!).

Contact Philippe today for your dinner party, wedding or function catering. His years of experience and extraordinary feel for flavours will make your day a very special one!

Friendly Staff

Staff AOur friendly staff will make your event a pleasure. They are right there when you need them and seem to be invisible the rest of the time, catering to your every need!